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‘Survivor: Ghost Island’ Week 2: Way Too Comfortable

Taylor Gaines and special guest Sunday Burquest kick back and talk through Episode Two of Season 36, covering everything from Chris and Libby’s true personalities and Dom’s nonsensical strategic moves to the difficulty of finding hidden immunity idols and pronouncing the season’s tribe names.

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‘Survivor: Ghost Island’ Week 1: Take Your Time

Taylor Gaines and Tyler B. Commons pick through everything from the Season 36 premiere, including all of the bad decisions,  the first two out being branded as outsiders, the inability of multiple contestants to swim and the standout players from Week One. Taylor also decides one contestant could be played by Jake Gyllenhaal.

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‘Survivor: Ghost Island’ Season 36 Preview

Taylor Gaines and Tyler B. Commons return to break down the new “Survivor” cast ahead of Wednesday night’s premiere of “Ghost Island” and make their Final Three and Winner predictions.

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‘Survivor 35’ Postmortem w/ Michelle Schubert

Taylor Gaines and castaway Michelle Schubert zoom out from Season 35 and take a look at where “Survivor” currently sits in the modern TV world. They talk about editing, production, humanity, politics and more. Plus: Our last Sunday Survivor Second of the season. Enjoy!

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‘Survivor 35’ Live Finale Reaction

Taylor Gaines and Tyler B. Commons give their immediate reactions to the eventful finale of “Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.”

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One more episode to put a bow on the season coming up. Thanks for listening!

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