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The Full Pre-Merge “Back”-story (‘David vs Goliath’ Week 6)

Taylor Gaines and Tyler B. Commons merge once again to analyze the elimination of the seventh castaway of Season 37 and the final pre-merge episode. They discuss Christian, their optimism about the current season, Christian, the choice to vote out weak players, Christian, their preseason Final Three predictions, Christian, and the different ways the government is tracking everyone. They also unveil their Official Pre-Merge Power Rankings.

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An Unnecessary Letter From The Editor That No One Asked For

TV never stops, but we did. For a while. We were busy completing some combination of graduating college, starting new lives, moving all over the place, leaping tall buildings in a single bound, etc.

But we are back! And we plan on being back for a little while at least. I have no idea where all of our followers came from over summer, but we are thrilled to have you here! (For the OGs, we’re up near 500 all-time downloads on the podcast, don’t ask me how.)

We plan on continuing to screw around, continuing to talk about TV and continuing to record ourselves doing so for extremely self-obsessed reasons that we don’t need to get into here. We also hope to have columns and posts about TV here on the blog fairly periodically so look for that.

Thanks again, and please feel free to reach out and interact! That’s all any of us really want, right?

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