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Denis 2049: ‘Blade Runner 2049’

Taylor Gaines is joined by Sam Hensel for the thrilling conclusion of the Denis 2049 series, where they break down Villeneuve’s latest film, “Blade Runner 2049.” They talk about the audacity of its ambition, the top box office hits of 2017, the movie Jared Leto was in versus the movie Denis Villeneuve was making, and where it falls in the Villenouvre.

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‘Survivor 35’ Week 7 w/ Joe Del Campo: Steak and Beer

Taylor Gaines and Tyler B. Commons cut it up with “Survivor” Joe Del Campo after an entertaining merge episode of “Survivor” Season 35. They discuss the surprising vote-out, steak-related rewards, whether Ben is getting the Winner’s look, and who is in the best position in the game.

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‘Survivor 35’ Week 6: Downfall

Taylor Gaines and Tyler B. Commons return for the final pre-merge episode. They break down who’s in the best position entering the home stretch, why the “superidol” has been so important, whether J.P. is (yes) a genius, and discuss a pair of freefalling castaways.

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PODCAST ANNOUNCEMENT/’Survivor 35′ Week 5: Every Tribal Is So Scary

Taylor Gaines explains what it means to be “On The Island” and runs through some important podcast announcements before picking up where The Fauxworthy Podcast left off to recap “Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers” Week Five.

Tyler B. Commons joins to discuss the battle of the brains between Chrissy and Roark, Ryan’s position in the game and the ever-evolving perception of J.P. Hilsabeck.

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‘Survivor 35’ Week 4: That Is Not An Advantage

Taylor Gaines and Tyler B. Commons slither through the dirt of Episode Four of “Survivor 35: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.” They debate which of the new tribes is the strongest, whether this season has been good or bad, and whether Cole is terrible at “Survivor.” They also break down a wild Tribal Council and update the Fantasy Survivor standings.

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