The “Survivor” crew unites to welcome another very special guest to the show! This time, it’s Michelle Schubert from Season 33, Millenials V. Gen-X.

Taylor, Levi, Ty, Jordan and Michelle have a wide-ranging conversation covering what has stuck with her from the experience, Michelle’s interesting TV-watching habits, how she felt about the way she was presented on TV, whether final tribal was predetermined, what really happened when the cyclone hit the island and whether she thought about quitting.

They also discuss what it’s like being a Christian on the island, some divine intervention from early in the game, the most common reason people reject her message and being a woman on the internet.

Finally, they move into the rapid-fire round, asking important questions like “cupcake or muffin,” whether time exists, whether she’s ever had any medieval diseases, what if you woke up and everything was different, calling versus texting, her favorite Bible translation, and her daily motivational reminder.

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“Survivor” returns Feb. 20.

Original Air Date: Fall 2016