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Bing! Carl Boudreaux from “Survivor: David vs Goliath” (Season 37)

Taylor Gaines and Tyler B. Commons are joined by Season 37’s Carl Boudreaux for their first postseason interview of the winter. Carl talks frankly about his season versus previous ones, why he thinks he was cast on the show, how easy it is to get drunk on “Survivor,” and how he feels about his edit. They also address Jeff’s comments about his downfall, the real-life Angelina, his rivalry with Elizabeth, how his signature move came together, representation on “Survivor,” and life lessons you can learn from “The Bachelor.”

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“Survivor: Edge of Extinction” debuts Feb. 20.

Off The Island: Re-Air of Scott Passarella from Off Book

Today: A replay of our most downloaded episode ever!

Taylor Gaines is joined by the piano man without a plan, Scott Passarella, for a wide-ranging conversation about the weekly genius that is “Off Book: The Improvised Musical” podcast. They talk about his musical background, his techniques for improvising a musical, the brilliance of Zach Reino and Jessica McKenna, and when Lin-Manuel Miranda will come on the podcast.

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Re-Air: Libby Vincek Helps Recap ‘Ghost Island’

Another fun episode to revisit in the midst of the “Survivor” mini-offseason — our first interview with castaway Libby Vincek!

On this episode, Taylor Gaines and Tyler B. Commons cover everything from Wendell’s seasons with the Queen of Ponderosa, from his power relationship with Dom to Laurel holding steady to Wild Card Donathan. Interesting insights to revisit in view of how the final vote turned out. They also talked with Libby about living at Ponderosa, being on TV, mentally breaking down on the island, and (*2018 ALERT*) determined once and for all whether it was Yanny or Laurel.

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“Survivor” returns Feb. 20.

Original Air Date: May 18, 2018

Re-Air: Interview with Joe Del Campo from ‘Survivor’

This week, we wanted to revisit the most jaw-dropping interview we’ve ever done from the Fauxworthy Podcast days. … Taylor Gaines is joined by Ty Commons and “Survivor” castaway Joe Del Campo to talk about navigating his way through a season with people who were decades younger than him, eating too much after his fatal reward win, the intensity and sometimes hilarity of his FBI days, and learning how to love life in the face of tragedy.

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“Survivor” returns Feb. 20.

Original Air Date: Aug. 1, 2017

Re-Air: Original Interview with Michelle Schubert from ‘Survivor’

The “Survivor” crew unites to welcome another very special guest to the show! This time, it’s Michelle Schubert from Season 33, Millenials V. Gen-X.

Taylor, Levi, Ty, Jordan and Michelle have a wide-ranging conversation covering what has stuck with her from the experience, Michelle’s interesting TV-watching habits, how she felt about the way she was presented on TV, whether final tribal was predetermined, what really happened when the cyclone hit the island and whether she thought about quitting.

They also discuss what it’s like being a Christian on the island, some divine intervention from early in the game, the most common reason people reject her message and being a woman on the internet.

Finally, they move into the rapid-fire round, asking important questions like “cupcake or muffin,” whether time exists, whether she’s ever had any medieval diseases, what if you woke up and everything was different, calling versus texting, her favorite Bible translation, and her daily motivational reminder.

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“Survivor” returns Feb. 20.

Original Air Date: Fall 2016

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