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‘Ghost Island’ Postmortem w/ Michelle Schubert

“Survivor” castaway Michelle Schubert joins Taylor Gaines and Tyler B. Commons for their biannual breakdown of the show. On this episode, they discuss all things “Ghost Island,” including the correctness of the jury’s decision, the casts’ social media habits, the success of the theme and Angela’s shocking postgame thoughts. They also talk about what the “Millennials v. Gen-X” jury almost did, the modern state of human relations, Michelle’s scandalous application video, the future of “Survivor,” and whether Taylor and Ty have applied for the show yet.

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Live Finale Reaction ‘Survivor: Ghost Island’

Taylor Gaines and Tyler B. Commons jump on the mics live following the conclusion of “Survivor” Season 36 to put their raw reactions into the world. It’s loose, deranged, emotional and everything else you love in a podcast. Spoilers, obviously.

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‘Survivor 35’ Postmortem w/ Michelle Schubert

Taylor Gaines and castaway Michelle Schubert zoom out from Season 35 and take a look at where “Survivor” currently sits in the modern TV world. They talk about editing, production, humanity, politics and more. Plus: Our last Sunday Survivor Second of the season. Enjoy!

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‘Survivor 35’ Live Finale Reaction

Taylor Gaines and Tyler B. Commons give their immediate reactions to the eventful finale of “Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.”

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One more episode to put a bow on the season coming up. Thanks for listening!

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