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Millionaire White Guy in Jeans (w/ Castaway Michelle Schubert — ‘Survivor: Edge of Extinction’ Finale)

Taylor Gaines and Tyler B. Commons are joined by former Survivor Michelle Schubert to make sense of Season 38’s disastrous and surreal finale.

They talk about the poetic justice served to the producers, the most undeserving winner in “Survivor” history, the terrible Edge twist in its finality, why Devens’ success may have ruined the castaways and the show, the gigantic drop-off from one season to the next, and who exactly is to blame. They also talk about burning clothes and barfing in their pants, so no, nothing went off the rails at all what are you talking about.

It’s the last episode of the season! Stay tuned until the end for an awesome announcement from Michelle.

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  1. Abduaziz

    Gavin did not deserve to win. He was lead by his alliance and even Chris did not keep his promise. Unfortunately Rick could not make it to final 3. He was the most deserving and he worked day and night to find idols. What else could he do when no one wanted to work with him. Alas, as it is said ” and the winner is … ” was not pleased with Final three. My favourites were Aurora and Devens but they went against each other unlike Wendell and Dom who chose to make a peace till the prelast tribal.

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